Technology – The Venus Project

Technology – The Venus Project

The Venus Project is more a philosophy than an actual piece of technology. It runs around the idea of a resource based economy as opposed to a monetary one which we live in today.

So let’s start off from the beginning. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows are the founders of the Venus Project. Jacque seemed to be the thinker, coming up with the ideas and fundamentals. Roxanne seemed to be the driving force behind the marketing and business.

Jacque Fresco died in 2017 at the age of 101. Even in his 90s he was still giving lectures and explaining how vision worked. He was classed as an inventor or engineer but he discovered that creating technology to make the lives of people better was futile unless you could change the way society uses the technology. What is the point in a cure for cancer if no one can afford it.

His approach uses technology to take the major decision making away from people and give it to computers. To most people this sounds scary but as he stated in one of his documentaries we already do this. When we use a scale to measure weight or an altimeter to measure the height of the plane, that is us giving decision making to technology.

There are other concerns about the Venus Project that have people have brought up. The main being motivation to do anything. If you give people a fair share of resources without them having to work for them, then what is their motivation to do anything? This is too big of a question to go into in detail in a blog post. He does make great points about this in the linked documentaries but, you make the decision.

I am linking below the 3 documentaries below. They are very similar in their approach just having being updated through the years but they are a good watch. Even if you don’t agree with the approach, it’s still an idea to think about and ideas can change the world. Take a look and make up your own mind


The Venus Project – Future By Design – Click Here

Paradise or OblivionĀ – Click Here

The Choice is Ours (2016) – Click Here



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