Walking Etiquette

Walking Etiquette

I am not sure if this is something you learn or is it common sense, but come on people it’s walking etiquette. It’s not rocket science, it’s not even geology. So when I talk about walking etiquette I am not speaking of walking tours or hiking, I am not even talking about strolling around an open field. I am talking about footpaths, escalator, and spaces just big enough to fit one person through.

Let’s start or with the biggest and most fundamental, the footpaths. Look I know you are really important, a real go-getter that needs to keep in constant contact with friends. But you really don’t need to walk and read Facebook at the same time. No less than anyone else I love scrolling through my feed to see the new gadgets out, the new political story or even how love island is getting on.

Wo wo wo love island… Really?
Hell no, but not because I am a snob or don’t like reality TV, it’s because I know if I start on it I will get addicted and there goes my evening. Abstinence is a better choice for me
Anyway back to my point, when you are texting, scrolling Facebook/Instagram, something that requires a lot of focus then take it to the side or wait till you get where you are going. I know you are sorry for stumbling in front of me. I see that you waved sorry to that bus that had to swerve to miss you but come on. Kim Kardashian’s new yoga pants are not something you should get knocked down for.

Who doesn’t love meeting up with friends or family and have a chat about how things are going. Well me, when you are doing it on Abby street with a group of 10 people. It looks like you have decided snail pace is that speed that everyone on the street will be walking. Awesome. Please people, take it to side or split it up into groups so at least we can get past you.


That brings me onto the where you should not be stopping either to talk to someone or to have a gander at your phone.

1.Small Spaces

Any corridor, tunnel or small walkway that is only big enough for one way waking traffic. Please don’t just stop in front of me and pull out your phone. OK, maybe you are lost or you may be waiting on some really important news but come on. Just move out of the way of people walking before coming to a complete stop. swerve to the side people.

2. Escalators.

This happens to me so often I don’t know how I haven’t been sucked under the moving stairs. When you are on an escalator and you step off, that doesn’t mean the world freezes so you can figure out what section of the store you want to visit. The escalator is still going behind you with people unable to stop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just move around so that people don’t come crashing down into you. I could say its simple science but its more simple common sense. Ohh and stand to the side when you are on the escalator, just cause you have time to stand there for 10 mins doesn’t mean everyone else has to.



In conclusion folks, just show a bit of common decency when it comes to the people around you, teach your kids, teach your parents even teach your dog. You are not the only one trying to get somewhere.


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