Movie – Ready Player One

Movie – Ready Player One

As a child of the 80’s, Ready player one is a treasure trove of nostalgia and Saturday afternoon tv memories. It combines two of my favorite things, Virtual Reality, and crappy 80’s TV. Its a looks forward as well as a look back.


Now I have to be clear here. I am a complete fanboy when it comes to this movie. I loved the book, having read it once and listened to it on audio-book 3 times. Its read by Will Wheaten for god sake, Will Wheaten as in Wesley Crusher from Star Trek the next generation. Double nostalgia.

So what is it about you are asking. First, it’s directed by Stephen Spielberg. Yeah the guy that gave us┬áJurassic Park and ET. Who better could you want pulling on the heartstrings?


The story is set in the future with unemployment at a record high, resources are at a low and war is a daily. In the day to day lives of the average guy with no opportunity to get a job, our hero Wade Watts spends most of his time in the Oasis. I huge open world Virtual Reality game created by James Halliday.


Here’s the kicker though. James Halliday died and left his entire fortune to whoever finds his Easter egg in the Oasis. Not as easy as it sounds though. Halliday was a huge 80’s fan and to find the hidden keys you had to complete 3 key challenges.


What follows is the theme of every 80’s movie that ever existing. Our wayward hero sets out on a quest for selfish reasons but guided by his all-knowing mentor and a few new friends he finds the true purpose of the challenge. Throw in an over the top villain with no morals and an overwhelming amount of power, Wade is sure to follow in the footsteps of every other 80’s bad-ass.


Ready Player One is a great adaptation of the book and really enjoyed how it was delivered. It’s not for everyone but if you are an 80’s nostalgia-loving fool like me then you will love it
I also just finished watching it in VR in a virtual cinema. I was in Virtual Reality watching a movie about Virtual Reality. Phffffff mind blown


A Modern Irishman Rating – 5 Stars

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