Fashion – Monk Strap

Fashion – Monk Strap

So if you are wondering what a heck a monk strap is then you are in the right place. A year ago I was in exactly the same boat but the minute you go, monk, you will never go… I cant think so something that rhymes with monk. You get the idea though.

Monk - Black

First off a monk strap is a shoe. You may have guessed that from the picture, but hey I don’t know if you spotted it. It more especially a slip on / buckle shoe. Since I discovered these the just put a new spin on the whole formal shoe.  I work in an office so formal shoes are kind of a must but you do get bored with the same kind. Ohhh a black pair of Oxfords, ohh a brown pair of Derby’s.  I do envy women sometimes.

Black Single Monk

Enter the monk straps. They even have variety. Single monk, double monk, brown, blue, hell they even come in suede. Come on suede for god sake, you got to love that or is that just me.

Double Monk Suede

When you buy dress shoes the monk strap is not going to be your first or even second pair. You Third and fourth pair then hell yeah. If you don’t need that many pairs of dress shoes I would stick to the basics, a pair of Oxfords but if you want something fun for a wedding, go for the ol monk.

Monk Strap Walking

They look good with jeans as well as trouser and suits. Give them a go sure whats the worst that could happen. Grab a cheap pair in Penny’s to try them out sure if you are not sure.

If you are not looking the pay crazy money for a pair. I am Irish after all. Check out the post on eBay to see where you can pick up a bargain.

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