Movie – Black Christmas

Movie – Black Christmas

Come on now, everyone has their guilty secret when it comes to movies and TV shows. This just happens to be mine. Every year when we are putting up the Christmas tree and sipping on a glass of mulled wine, a yellow face spree killer is slashing college girls in the background. I know there are 2 movies but its actually the remake that I enjoy. So for you out there who have no idea what Black Christmas is, here’s the basic premise.

Its a 2006 remake of a 70s slasher film that revolves around Billy Lenz, a maniac killer who escapes from a mental institution on Christmas Eve and kills a bunch of college girls. I know its so tacky but the heart wants what the heart wants, it never feels like Christmas without seeing it. What follows is pretty much what you expect. A bunch of normally smart people that make the worst decisions ever. Don’t run up the stairs for god sake, the door to freedom is right there. Dead.


The cast is what it is for a B list horror film. Lacey Chabert (Party of five), Mary Elizabeth Winstead( Fargo), Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy) and Katie Cassidy (Arrow, of the silly friend that didn’t make it in Taken. Where was her highly skilled absentee father). Oliver Hudson even makes an appearance although not for long #Spolier, COME ON, it’s been out for years.




If you’re looking for a mindless slasher movie with a thin storyline, cliche college girls, an over-the-top killer and a slight tie-in to Christmas then I think you have it. Forget “A Wonderful Life” or “Santa Clause: The Movie”. Light a fire, gather the children and open a bottle of whiskey. Black Christmas is a classic that you will add to your Christmas tradition.



A Modern Irishman Rating – 5 Stars – Must have Christmas classic

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