Home Automation – Xiaomi Sensors

Home Automation – Xiaomi Sensors

For everyone out there that has not heard of Xiaomi sensors, well that’s ok cause they are mostly only available in China and America. So just a few seconds on what is Xiaomi. They are pretty much a Chinese company that finds a well good and well-built product. It then throws some money at it, makes it better and then sells it under its own name at a really reasonable price. I have added them to my best Android TV box and now I am adding them to my home automation. They are well-built product and a decent price. OK fanboy time over, what are the sensors like.


I picked up 2 doors/Window Xiaomi sensors, 2 motion sensors and 2 Wifi Buttons, all for 40 euro. With a little issue, I connected them to Smarthings and from there the work like any other sensor that you would buy at 30 euro a piece.

Let’s start with the door/Window sensors, I connected them up to my main door and the balcony door. Just like the Samsung smart things official door sensor, this works in the exact same way. I connected the Smart App, notify me when that will send me an alert when the system is armed. Works a charm

The Xiaomi Motion sensor I have set up in the hall and on the balcony. They are great and work in the same way as the door/window sensors.

The buttons I really like. I have them set up on either side of the bed. one for me and one for my wife. you can program them to do a few things depending on how you press them. Long Press, the quick press, and the double press. The button controller on the smart things website is awesome. Just as an example I have it set up the turn on the side lamps with a quick press. Long press shuts down everything and arms my security system. Come on, don’t tell me that is not cool.



The Xiaomi sensors are great and well-built tech. Yeah, they are a pain in the hole to get them paired with the Samsung smart hub but they are well worth the effort.

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