TV Shows – The Alienist

TV Shows – The Alienist

The Alienist is the perfect combination good ol murder story as well as a period drama. Think Criminal minds meets peaky blinders. What could be wrong with that? Well, let’s get it straight,  it’s not a perfect show. There are issues with it but I have to say, I did look forward to this every week it came out. In a world where you mostly save shows up and binge watch them on a lazy weekend, this is something I couldn’t wait that long for. It only finished the first season so here is hoping season 2 keeps up the pace.

So what is it about I hear you screaming. Laszlo Kreizler played by the impressive Daniel Brühl(You will know him as the bad guy in Captain America Civil War) is the Alienist living in the late 19th century. An Alienist is basically a criminal psychologist before it was called a criminal psychologist. It’s even before they knew criminals had a psychology.

Luke Evans is John Moore, a rich artist that is friends with Laszlo that is kind of roped into the search for a child murderer. His character seems to be a little out of place on the team at times. He doesn’t have any real skills but I think he is there to represent the normal person of the time. I do like Luke Evans so it works. Dakota Fanning plays the first female cop in New York and she is set out to prove herself.

Douglas Smith and Matthew Shear also make a great amendment to the team and the Medical examiners / CSI. It’s really interesting to see a Victorian approach to the forensics and how their way of thinking is breaking the rules. They are also Jewish so they have to deal with some bigotry and blockages.

Also, in case Captain Connor is familiar. He’s is the bad guy in the Guard that get shot by Brendan Gleeson’s tiny Pistol. He plays a solid role as the corrupt but thinks he’s doing the right thing Irish cop, which so many of these period shows through in.



As a whole, I really enjoyed the Alienist. Solid enough for a binge watch but something you will look forward to from week to week

A Modern Irishman Rating – 4 Stars

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