Home Automation – Harmony Hub

Home Automation – Harmony Hub

If you are interested in home automation and have not heard of the harmony hub, what the hell man.


For those of you that remember the horror of dropping the TV remote and having to buy one of those universal remote, well the harmony hub is pretty much the same thing. It’s pretty much a universal remote that can connect up to your smart devices. I know what you are thinking, who uses IR anymore, right? Well unless you are a super rich fecker with resources to throw at automation, there are a ton of IR automation devices.



OK let’s start with the big main one that you will need, your TV. Most TVs all still run on an IR remote which means if you still need to pick up to remote to turn it on and change channels, volume, input etc. This is where the harmony hub is perfect for the living room. I have it connected to my Google home, so all I have to do when I come home is say “OK Google, I’m home” and my TV comes on, no remote needed.



So that is the main one out of the way, think about everything else you have a remote for. Blu-ray player, surround sound, stereo system and for those old-school reading this. DVD (ohhhhhh Scary). These all need a separate remote. Why do you need to buy all new stuff when you can just update your current things.



So you are already winning with just having 1 remote as opposed to 4 but what else can you use it for. How about some IR LED strip lights? They look awesome behind your TV. You can pick them up for £10 and you pretty much have a wifi LED strip without having to pay £50 a meter.



Throw in a cheap set of remote control plugs and you have a full living room of wif plugs for a few quid each instead of 40 a pop.  So that is it.  Great device to up your home automation setup so..


Take eh Easy and will talk to you later


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