Ahhhh Pennys

Ahhhh Pennys

Who doesn’t love Penny’s?

From the back ass of Donegal to the busking streets of Dublin, if you haven’t been shopping in Penny’s then I am pretty sure this is not the right place for you. Come on even the Americans want Penny’s.

I am not saying Penny’s is the only store you should ever shop at, but if you are looking to see if purple chinos are right for you, a 7 euro pair is the perfect way to try before you buy. I have to admit, the reason I used the example of purple chinos was that it might have been something that happened to me. They didn’t work out and I am glad I didn’t drop 40/50 euro on a pair of trousers that I wore exactly once trying to be brave as I walked to get a coffee. They were then forgotten about until the great donation clean of 2016. I get a warm feeling when I think of some charity shop assistant’s smile when they see the look of joy in an unprivileged guys face when he finally finds a pair or 36 long purple chinos only worn once.


Pennys 2


Also before you say anything I am a man, so I don’t try things on or leave things back, deal with it. I know there are some things that, if you really like and use then buy a bit higher quality. What I mean is, if you want a good quality pair of shoes that will last you for more than a few months without the sole falling off, Penny’s is probably not the best bet. However, if you need a pair of brown shoes for a wedding that you will probably never wear again. Hell Yessssss Penny’s all the way.

For Socks, Jocks and grown-up pajamas¬†with the wolverine on them, there’s no better place.

To most people reading this, it’s like

Pennys 3


To everyone else who is too fashionable to shop in Penny’s

Pennys 4


Warning – you will be tempted to pick up the cool water bottle or that male grooming kit that is strategically positioned at the checkout but remember, you have 5 of each at home


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